Reiki Seminar & Gathering information

Reiki seminars will be conducted on:

● 25 October 2023 – Basic Knowledge (Kisochishiki) *Japanese only
● 12 November 2023 – Basic Knowledge (Kisochishiki) *Japanese only
● 19 November 2023 – Level1 (Shoden) *Japanese only

-If you are interested in Reiki seminars, please feel free to contact us.
-For first-time users, you will start by taking the [Basic Knowledge + Level 1] set.
-Ridge students are encouraged to retake the course!
-We also accept consultations outside of these dates.


Reiki gathering will be conducted on:

● 26 November 2023 14:00~ about 3hours – Seats available
● 17 December 2023 14:00~ about 3hours – Seats available

-Anyone who is interested can participate.
-If you are participating via ZOOM, please do so in an environment where you can practice the technique.
-Please feel free to contactus.

Thank you!

Ridge S